Bass drum layering 11

Bass Drum Layering

Layering is the process of stacking multiple sounds on top of each other to achieve the desired result. This is usually achieved by playing multiple synths/samples at the same time.


Kick LayeringEdit

The Process of layering two or more kicks is known as kick layering. This is usually done to get different elements of the kicks into a single kick. For Example, a Kick with a good low end might be layered with a kick a fast attack to produce a more dynamic and punchy kick.

Chord LayeringEdit

Chord Layering is the process of layering multiple synths to get the desired sound as often a single oscillator is not enough to produce the desired sound.

Bass LayeringEdit

Bass Layering is the process of layering two or more synths so that they can cover all bass frequencies.

Note: Equalization is important while layering so that the frequencies of the different synths dont interfere.