Redrum front

Redrum Drum Computer front view

Redrum back

Redrum Drum Computer rear view

The Redrum device is a sample-playback drum module with a built in pattern sequencer for Reason . It has ten channels that plays samples loaded individually or from a preset kit. In addition to the pattern sequencer, Redrum can also be played from Reason's main sequencer or via MIDI. By combining the pattern sequencer and the main sequencer, one can easily create fills and variations to the patterns without having to create new patterns for every variation.

In Redrum each sound channel has controls for volume, velocity, pitch, length, pan, mute, solo, and 2 aux sends. There is room for 32 patterns (stored in 4 banks of 8). Patterns can have from 1-16-32-48-64 steps for a maximum of 4-bar long patterns